Various Types of Menorcan Cheeses      14,75€

The Assorted Croquettes from Menorca   13,75€

(2 und. Red Prawns, 2 und “sobrasada” and Cheese, 2 und Skate Fish)

Scorpion Fish Cold Pie  12,25€

Confit Artichoke Flower with Parmesan Cheese and Truffle Oil    4,95€ und

Squid in Tempura Batter whit Chickpea Flour    16,50€

Clams Mariniere  17,90€

Mediterranean Fried Sea Anemones With Seaweed and Vegetables Chips   17.75€

Mussels From Menorca  12,90€

Grilled Scallops (6 und.)  14,95€

Beef Carpaccio with Soya Emulsión and Cured Cheese shavings  16.90€

Fresh Red Menorcan Prawns Grilled   ( Price according to market )

Iberian Ham and Crispy Bread with Tomato  19,50€

Corvina Fish Ceviche   18,75€

“Escalivada” With Anchovies  11,75€

(Aubergine, Red Pepper and Onion all Roasted and Seasoned with Oil, Garlic and Salt ) 

Don't Forget Our Suggestions


Salad with Crispy Chicken and Our Tartar  Sauce 

Tomato Salad with Onions Tuna Belly Strips and Black Olive Oil  11,50€

Burrata with Different Tomatoes and Homemade  Basil Ice-Cream   11,75€

Marine Salad with Wakame  11,50€

Raviolon of Confit Tomato with Courgette and Olive Tapenade  13.75€




Menorcan Style Baked Sea Bass  22,50€ 

Fried Cod with Garlic and Sweet Paprika  21.50€ 

Monkfish with Menorcan Cheese Sauce  23,95€ 

Red Tuna Tataki with Sesame Crust   25,75 € 

Grilled Octopus  with Chipotle Emulsion  24,95€ 

Recommendation According to the Daily Offer


Shulder lamb Roasted with Orange, Thyme and Accompanied by a Mint Reduction  27,75€ 

Menorcan suckling Pig Roasted at a Low Temperature   26,95€ 

Iberian Pork Cheek with Chestnut Wrapped in Puff Pastry  23.50€ 

Menorcan Beef Entrecote  24,00€ 

Beef Fillet Steak with Tartufata Sauce  26,90€ 

XXL Cannelloni Filled with Duck Confit, Foie Grass and “Ceps” Mushroom Béchamel   21,95€ 

RICE AND "CALDERETA"  * min 2 person (price to person)

 “Caldereta” with Red Menorcan Lobster  ( Price according to market ) 

"Caldereta"  Monkfish and Prawns Stew  *33.75€ 

Black Paella with Squid and Prawns “a la Ciega” with Saffron Alioli  * 22,75€ 

Mixt Paella  *21,50€ 

Fish and Seafood Paella  *23,95€ 

"Fideua" Noodles Paella with Lobster  *35,25€ 

Creamy Rice with Lobster  *35,25€ 

Ceps Mushrooms Risotto with Truffle Oil and Coral Tuile Crisp  21,75€ 


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